Askoriah Moka*, La Taha *, Andi Ruhban*

* Jurusan Kesehatan Lingkungan Politeknik Kesehatan Makassar



Is a synthetic sweetener saccharin substances. which can cause a sweet taste or can help sharpen the acceptance of the sweet taste, while the resulting calories much lower than sugar. sweeteners are chemical compounds that are often added and used for processed food products, industry, as well as drinks and food. Many artificial sweeteners pose a danger to human health saccharin may cause bladder cancer and migraine.

The purpose of this study is to determines the content of saccharin contained in the water knows that sold by sidewalk vendors in several locations in the city of Makassar and how many levels of saccharin contained in the water out . Research done by titrimetric method or determination of saccharin in the water out .

The results obtained from laboratory tests are all know that in the water samples obtained from five locations of penjulan water out and replicated twice tested positive for the first study of saccharin water samapel know that in check on Jl Sultan Alaudin contains saccharin highest of 113 , 5 mg / kg and the examination on the second day of the highest containing saccharin which is on Jl Antang is equal to 140 mg / kg .

levels of saccharin contained in the water knows that is sold by street vendors in the city of Makassar still eligible POM number 37 in 2013 amounted to 300 mg / kg . However, if in the continuous consumption can precipitate and cause cancer .

Based on these studies, the community needs to be - careful in consuming water out in large quantities.