Andi Zulfaidawaty*

*Jurusan Kebidanan, Politeknik Kesehatan Makassar


Bleeding and infection are the direct determinants which have an important role in increasing morbilitas and mortality maternal. Reported by previous researchers that blood type has an important role on health including reproductive health. This study to determine the ABO blood group effect of bleeding and infection. The design study is a prospective cohort design with direct observation of 320 maternity and postpartum care in RSKDIA Siti Fatimah Makassar each blood type is represented by 80 respondents. Sampling was done purposively with the main criteria for healthy women of reproductive age, a normal delivery with no history of blood disorders. Analysis using STATA program with chi-square test in significant level α <0.05. The results showed the blood type O 2 times the risk of bleeding, although not significant relationship (95% CI = 0.625 to 8.704). Blood type AB 4 times more at risk of infection (95% CI = 1.50 to 12.07). Conclusions of research were blood groups affects the bleeding and infection. Suggested examination of blood for all pregnant women to be able to determine promotive and preventive measures against complications obstetry.

Keyword: ABO, blood group system, bleeding, infection.
Bibliography: 17 (1997-2010)


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