Background: Tuna sausage is minced tuna meat product that is both chewy and
cylindrical with a special wrapper (casing). Sausage has now become one of the favorite
foods of the people around the world, including Indonesia. Besides it tastes good too
savory, sausage common in the market is a chicken sausage and beef. Keeping in the
high fat content in the meat of chicken and beef, the sausage meat tuna is very
good,because of its rich protein content, but the fat content is low.
Objective: Consumer acceptance data collection was obtained from the filled form by
panelis.Panelis used is somewhat trained panelists are 25 people with the testing method
using hedonic scale
Methods: This study is a pre-experiment by using One Post Test Design. Received
power tuna sausage assessed based on hedonic test against 25 panelists. Assessment
using a hedonic scale 4. Nutritional value of the data obtained by noting that the material
contained in the tuna sausages and processed by menual use List of Food Composition
and calculator.
Methods: The results showed that the tuna sausages aspects of taste, color, aroma, and
texture are all very favored by Tuna panelis..Sosis memeiliki for the nutritional value of
the fruit is 58.1 cal energy, 8.1 grams protein, 1 gram of fat, carbohydrate 3.71 gr
Conclusion: Suggestions for further research should be done to look at the shelf life of
tuna fish sausage. To be used as additional material (protein) in the manufacture of
complementary feeding and PMT toddlers.
Suggestion: Tuna Fish Sausage from the aspect of taste, color, aroma and texture of all
well-liked by Tuna panelis.Sosis memeiliki nutritional value of the fruit is energy to 58.1
cal, 8.1 g protein, 1 g fat, 3.71 g carbohydrate.
Keywords: Tuna Sausage, Power Accept