Caries disease is a disease of hard tissue of teeth, i.e. email, dentin and cementing, which is caused by microorganism activity in a carbohydrate. The indication is the demineralization of dental hard tissue followed by a damage of organic material (Kidd & Bechal, 2013). The aim of this study was to determine the effect of  consumed cariogenic food and tooth brushing  on dental caries  in primary school Inpres Campus Unhas 1 Makassar. This research was observational research with cross sectional study. The populations of the study were all 248 students of III, IV and Vth grade. Sampling technique was a simple random sampling technique which selected  69 respondents according to inclusion criteria. Data were collected with questionnaires and observation and were processed and analyzed with 16.0 SPSS version. Data were analyzed with uni-variate and bi-variate analysis with contingency coefficient test (p<0,05) to determine the  magnitude of influence between variables. Results of  bivariate analysis was (p<0,023) and r = 0,265. There was a strong influence of cariogenic foods on dental caries, and there was strong influence of toothbrush habits on dental caries with p = 0.002 <𝛼 (0.05) and r = 0,351. There was a strong influence of cariogenic foods and toothbrush habits on dental caries in primary school inpres Campus of Unhas 1 Makassar.

 Keywords: cariogenic food, tooth brushing, habit, dendal caries