Background : flavor enhancing food additives are often added as a flavor enhancer known as MSG that exceed the dose . if the addition of the additive is often done to cause dependence , so it will pose a health hazard to the consumer , such as stomach disorders, allergies , hypertension , asthma , cancer , diabetes , and lower intelligence. Most housewives do not know the information would adversely affect health. Objective : This study aims to describe the level of knowledge of the use of monosodium glutamate ( MSG ) housewife in backwoods village sauleya timbuseng Polongbangkeng northern districts Kab.Takalar. Methods : This is a descriptive study. samples are all housewives in the hamlet village sauleya timbuseng Polongbangkeng northern districts Kab. Takalar , who meet the criteria as much as 49 people . Data on the use MSG knowledge samples obtained by the interview method which uses a questionnaire instrument.the data presented in the from of frequency distribution graphic and narrative. Result : Results of research on the use of knowledge MSG housewives generally less category as many as 25 ( 51.0 % ) , use of MSG housewives generally can not be tolerated as many as 36 ( 73.5 % ). Conclusion : Knowledge of the use of MSG housewife classified as less and use MSG can not be tolerated.

Keywords : Knowledge , the use of msg , housewife