M. Nasir

Department of Health Analyst, Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND  - Quality health care is health care that will be determined by the medical profession and the good desired by the patient / consumer or society and buying social power. Satisfaction is affordable by patients as indicators of quality health services can be affected by various aspects of competence among technicians, service personnel comfort, information, timeliness, procedure and environment . In this study the authors chose to measure three aspects of patient satisfaction with the procedures, personnel services and comfort.


OBJECTIVE -The study was conducted in the laboratory of Syech Yusuf District Hospital Gowa, that aims to determine the level of patient satisfaction with laboratory services viewed from three aspects: procedures, personnel services and comfort .


METHOD -This research uses descriptive quantitative approach with survey methods, and how Purposive Sampling and for data collection obtained through direct interviews with the respondents using a questionnaire.


RESULTS -The statistic shows no relation to the interpretation of procedures, personnel service and comfort with the respondents' satisfaction with laboratory services in hospitals in Gowa with p value 0.004. Since p <0,005 then Ho is rejected and Ha accepted.


CONCLUSION - The results of this study indicate that for all three aspects of laboratory services need to be increased in order to improve the quality of service in order to increase patient satisfaction of services provided.