Department of Nursing,Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND - According to data from health centers get Mangasa, EFA overall number in 2014 was 7636 people. and EFA active use contraceptives is 5661 people, of the three villages working area health centers Mangasa, village Mannuruki is a village that FP active the lowest compared to other villages in the amount of 66%, especially those of RW 3, RT 7 villages Mannuruki the number of PUS its 165 people, who where the EFA use contraceptives is lower compared to other existing RT in Puskesmas Mangasa City Makassar.


OBJECTIVE - The Aims of this study is to determine the level of knowledge and family support couples of childbearing age (PUS) on the use of contraceptives in the village Mannuruki Puskesmas Mangasa Makassar.


METHODS - The method used is descriptive research method with a sample of 62 peoples


RESULTS -Research obtained by 43 (69%) of respondents have good knowledge about contraception and its use, and 19 (30.6%) of respondents have less knowledge about contraception and its use, family support both 42 (67.7%) and respondents have less family support either 20 (32.3%), about the use of contraceptives is known that 42 (67.7%) respondents who use contraceptives remaining 20 (32, 3%) of respondents who do not use contraceptives.


CONCLUSION - Knowledge of respondents about the use konrasepsi own good, not all families have the support of the use of contraceptive devices and not all of the EFA use contraceptives