Nadimin1, Imrawati2

1 Department of Nutrition, Health Polytechnic Makassar

2 Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Muslim Indonesia



BACKGROUND-Pregnancy is vulnerable to oxidative stress therefore pregnancy require additional antioxidants. Moringa leaf extract contains a number of antioxidants that can meet the needs of pregnant women.


OBJECTIVE :To determine the effect of Moringa leaves extracts to Total Antioxidant Capasity (TAC) in pregnant women.


METHODS A Randomized Double Blind, Posttest controlled with samples of non-anemic pregnant women. Samples were divided into two groups: Moringa leaf extract and controls who received iron supplements of folic acid. Interventions conducted over twelve weeks. Before and after the intervention was measured TAC in both groups. TAC measurement using Elisa method.


RESULTS - The Results of this study show that TAC in the intervention group before and after intervention respectively 27.36 U/ml and 26.56 U/ml, while the control group was 27.34 U/ml and 24.11 U/ml. The average of reduction TAC in the intervention group was 0.89 ± 5:17 U/ml (p = 0.364), and in the control group was 3.23 ± 7.00 U/ml (p = 0.010). Decrease TAC in the control group was higher than the intervention group (p = 0.033).


CONCLUSION - in conclusions, Moringa leaf extract can inhibit TAC decrease in pregnant women. Supplements of Moringa leaves can be used as an alternative to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their babies.