Department of Nursing, Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND - Personality is a pattern of behavior and ways of thinking characteristic, which determines the individual adjustment to the environment.


OBJECTIVE - This study aims to determine the Relationship Between Personality Type With Smoking Behavior Male Students of Class 3 Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) Palopo.



METHODS - The research design used in this study was cross sectional. Sampling by total sampling with a sample of 35 students.By using the Chi-square test p value = 0.086, which means there is no connection extroverted personality and smoking behavior of male students Madrasah Aliyah Palopo.


RESULTS - Introvert personality showed different results and the results of Chi-square test at the get p = 0.001 which means there Introvert personality relationship with the smoking behavior of male students Madrasa Aliyah Palopo.


CONCLUSION - The conclusion of the extrovert personality type p value = 0,086 wich means there is no connection with the extroverted personaliy type of smoking behavior. The results of an  introvert personality type p value = 0,001 wich means that there is a relationship introvert personality type and smoking behavior. Suggestions to conduct health education to the youth and the citizens who need information about health and the knowledge gained can be applied to help people achieve optimal health status.