Department of Health Analyst, Health Polytechnic Makassar



OBJECTIVE - The study aim to identify the type of  Salmonella enterica serovarTyphi existing in typhoid fever and to analyse the type of Salmonella enterica serovartyphi of H:Z66 type. The study was carried out in molecular biology and Immunology  laboratory of the faculty of medicine of Hasanuddin University. The Sample of blood culture of patients with Salmonella  enterica serovar typhi was collected through purposive random sampling metod. Widal and blood culture test were conducted followed by Multiplex-PCR test.


METHODS -The data were analysed descriptively using frequency and bivariate test to describe the correlation between the fever duration as well as the sex and Salmonella enterica serovar typhi of H:z66 type. The study indicates that seven samples of the typhoid fever patients (6 males and 1 female) are found to be H:z66 positive.


RESULTS -Statistical analysis with SPSS 12,0 indicated some significance values (2-tailed) in the correlation between the duration of the fever and H:z66 which is 0,68 and in that between the sexes and H:z66 as much as 0,06 are insignificant because the values tested are bigger than P = 0,05.


CONCLUSION - Therefore, it can be concluded there is no correlation between the duration of fever as well as the sexes and H:z66.