Department of Dental Nursing, Health Polytechnic Makassar

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OBJECTIVE -The Research aims to to know and analyze the development of marketing strategies in order to increase the absorption graduate dental Makassar dental health, and  to determine and analyze the internal factors and external factors that affect the increase in power absorption polytechnic graduate dental Makassar.


RESULTS -Results of this study indicate that unsure strengths include : The existence of the directors, lecturers remain, lecturers are not fixed, building, facilities and land, infrastructure, institutions, laboratories, academic calendar, planning the program of teaching, program evaluation and periodic reports that are produced in support of graduate quality and ultimately increase the absorption polytechnic graduate Makassar dental health, and unsure weaknesses include : the energy, labor administration, PBM toolassist (AVA), a library and teaching evaluation process should be by the manager because it affects  product quality and quality of dental nurses and strategy development. Elements of opportunity include: user needs, the role of government, product, price. Users have the product dental nurse, and still will need time for the dating and the very role of government to assist the placement of dental nurse, so the opportunity to increase the absorption nurse teeth are still quite significant. Unsure threats include: user expectations, place and promotion, this means that all can be overcome by using the strength of the dental health polytechnic Makassar to minimize or eliminate the threat. SWOT analysis results are in quadrant II, the strategy of using force to take advantage of the long-term opportunities. Polytechnic dental Makassar need to do market penetration, fix the maximum power available to seize opportunities.


CONCLUSION - Marketing strategies that need to be implemented by the polytechnic dental strategy is Makassar ST (Strength-Treat) strategies on the quadrant II, although many face the threat of institutions still have the power from the internal, the strategy should be applied is to use force to take advantage of the opportunity with a long-term diversification (product or market).