Muhammad Saleh

Department of Dental Nursing, Health Polytechnic Makassar


BACKGROUND - Dental caries is an oral health problem that many complaints by students and needs serious attention because of its prevalence is increasing. Treatment can be performed on one of them through the treatment of caries restoration


OBJECTIVE - The purpose of this study is to describe the treatment of caries and needs restoration.


METHODS - This research is a descriptive Cross Sectional Study. The study was conducted in villages Papusungan with community sample aged 9, 10 and 11 years and over with a sample of 124 people. Checking the status of care needs restoration carried out with reference to the

Treatment Need Index (TNI).

RESLUTS - The results showed that the need for the highest care needs ie the need for the restoration of the surface of 60.96%, followed by the restoration of the two surfaces of 23.91% and a low of three or more surface restoration 15.13%