Muhammad Nuralamsyah

Department of NursingPare – Pare, Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND -Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by the onset of hyperglycemia due to impaired insulin secretion and insulin resistance or increase in cellular insulin. Diabetes Mellitus is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by increased levels of sugar in the blood. Diabetic ulcers is one of the chronic complications of diabetes mellitus (DM) is divided over both long-term complications of microvascular and macrovascular that can cause ulcer foot insufficiency of blood flow, which leads to infection, ulcers and end in amputation.


OBJECTIVE -To determine the relationship between physical activity and risk of compliance of diabetic foot ulcers in the General Hospital Lasinrang Pinrang.


METHODS -The method used was a cross sectional study. Total sample of 30 respondents without ulcers. The sampling technique sampling purposive.


RESULTS -Shows the characteristics of respondents mostly aged ≤ 60 years older, sex male, mostly type 2 diabetes, high education, majority of the patients submissive physical activity and low risk to experience foot ulcers Diabetic analysis shows that there is a relationship of compliance physical activity with a risk of diabetic foot ulcers (p = 0.030).


CONCLUSION -Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the majority of patients with diabetes mellitus who was treated in Hospital Lasinrang Pinrang obedient physical activity, low risk experiencing diabetic foot ulcers, there was a significant association between physical activity and risk of compliance of diabetic foot ulcers. The researchers suggest that patients should be made the efforts necessary for diabetic foot include primary prevention one with physical exercise as well as regular foot examination.