Muhammad Basri, Hj. Mardiana

Academic of Nursing Batari Toja Watampone

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BACKGROUND -Principles of good wound care is to provide a moist and warm environment to enhance the development process and effective cuts in financing, cost effectiveness is influenced by status of the development of the wound.


OBJECTIVE - The objective of the research was to analyze cost effectiveness of the injury on diabetic leg based on the difference between modern treatment method and conventional method.


METHODS - The research was a quasi-experimental study conducted in nurse independent practice and Tenriawaru Hospital of  Bone. The simple was determined using purposive sampling method based on inclusive criteria. The data were obtained using instrument on the study of Bates-Jansen and record sheets of material cost injury treatment. The difference of cost effectiveness between modern method and conventional method was examined using independent t test with a confident level of 95%.


RESULTS - The results of independent test indicate that there is difference of sot effectiveness between modern method and conventional method with a value of p=o.001 .


CONCLUSION - Therefore, health service institution need to develop treatment method of injury on diabetic leg using modern treatment method.