A. Rizki Amelia, Sajidah Hardiyanti Khalid

Department of Public Health, Moslem University of Indonesia

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BACKGROUND - In terms of personal hygiene we can see the visible appearance and self-image of the disabled street beggars leprosy is far from adequate personal hygiene, with Accordingly if the patients themselves do not pay attention to personal hygiene, then the negative impact that disturbances in social interaction or physical disorder.


OBJECTIVE - The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between knowledge, habits and personal hygiene ages with street beggars disabled leprosy patients in the city of Makassar in 2014.


METHODS - The study was observational analytic research with cross sectional study.A sampling technique that accidental sampling with a sample of the 64 respondents.


RESULTS - Results are expected in this study is that the street beggars with disabilities leprosy should pay more attention to personal hygiene, and apply the things that are known about the importance of taking care of themselves in daily life and always wear personal protective equipment which is complete if you want to perform daily routines to the degree health increased.