Abd Hady J

Department of Nursing, Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND- In the number of elderly people in Indonesia in the period 1990  2025, classified as the fastest in the world. Various efforts undertaken to realize the old healthy, happy, efficient and productive for elderly Posyandu or integrated service post a PHC program through community participation. Posyandu program that goes well will provide convenience for the elderly in getting basic health services and referrals, and services that are promotive and preventive without ignoring aspects of treatment and recovery, so that the quality of life in old age is maintained properly and optimally.


OBJECTIVE- The study aims to determine the effect of knowledge, attitude and family support with the use of Posyandu health centers working area Aeng Towa Takalar.


METHODS - This study was an observational study with cross sectional analytic. The selected sample of 60 respondents who are elderly registered in the registration book posyandu. Data were taken using a questionnaire. Once tabulated, the data were analyzed with Chisquare test with a significance level (α) 0.05.


RESULTS -Advanced Research, Chisquare test results show the value of alpha (α) successively to the knowledge, attitudes and support as follows p = 0.01, p = 0.01, p = 0.00.


CONCLUSION- This study concluded there is a relationship between knowledge about Posyandu elderly, elderly attitude toward the use of Posyandu, family support Posyandu activities Posyandu utilization. Noting the results of this study need to be done in improving the quality strategy Posyandu services so that the elderly also play a more active family.