Theme : "Interprofessional Collaboration on Global Challenge of Infectious Diseases"

IC-GCID is an excellent opportunity for Lecturer, Teacher, Professional and Practitioners and scholars to disseminate knowledge, ideas and experiences towards the Global Challenge of Infectious Diseases.
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Infectious diseases remain a major contributor to illness, death, and suffering throughout the world, both from their acute and chronic effects. The potential for epidemics and pandemics is a concern a global issue and threaten all the countries over the world. The current attention focused on the Ebola virus outbreak is a dramatic illustration of the threat from emerging infectious diseases.


This event is aimed to present the newers and the most recent research products related to infectious disease for better understanding and evaluating of research in global challenge of infectious disease.

Scope of Conference

This conference scope covers all aspect associated with infectious disease such :

  • Demographic and behavioral
  • Mobility, migration and globalization
  • Modern medical practices
  • Modern food technology
  • Politics, ecology, and environment
  • Urbanization and megacities
  • Emerging diseases





Demographic and behavioral


1. Demographic transition

2. Aging and immune dysfunction

3. Changing behaviors

4. Intravenous drug use



Mobility, migration, and globalization


1. High morbidity and rural-urban migration

2. Modern transportation system

3. International migration and migration of refugees

4. International travel and tourism

5. Travel medicine



Modern medical practices


1. Organ or tissue transplantation

2. Chemotherapy

3. Drugs causing immunosuppression

4. Widespread use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

5. Microbial adaptation and change

6. Hospital infections

7. Use of intensive care medicine



Modern food technology


1. Industrialized food production

2. Food processing and food preservation technology

3. Antibiotics and chemicals used in food production

4. Global trade, commerce, and distribution of foods

5. Changing demand, consumption, and behavioral pattern



Politics, ecology, and environment


1. War and civil conflict

2. Political pressure (minorities)

3. Social inequality (vulnerable groups)

4. Global warming and climate change

5. Environmental disasters (e.g., floods, hurricanes)


Urbanization and megacities

 1. Accelerating urbanization and megacities

2. Pollutions (e.g., water)

3. Overcrowding, poverty, and lack of resources

4. Inadequate infrastructure and governability

5. Changing sexual behavior (e.g., prostitution)

6. Ecological change due to urban extension (e.g., deforestation)


Emerging diseases

 1. Newly emerging : SARS, H5N1 influenza, HIV, etc.

2. Re-emerging and/or resurging : Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Dengue, etc.

3. Deliberately emerging : Anthrax bioterrorism



Keynote Speakers

  1. Indonesia Ministry of Health
  2. Prof Dr. Cordia Chu
  3. Assoc. Prof,. Kraichart Tantrakarnarp, PhD
  4. Prof. Rolland Alexander Barkey
  5. Philipina

Important Date :

Abstract Submission : 1th of February - 25th of April, 2016
Full Paper Submission : 15th of March - 30th of April, 2016
Notification of Abstract Acceptance : 15th of March - 5th May, 2016
Conference Date : 20th - 22nd of May 2016

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Abstract and Full Paper

All reviewed ABSTRACT will be published in the conference proceeding. Refereed FULL PAPER will be published in the indexed Journal. Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their works for review and potential publication in the Journal indexed in DOAJ and or in SCOPUS, depending on the results of review. The Processing fee for Paper publication will be processed after Letter of Acceptance form the Journal.

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